Places to visit in Fes

Fez is one of the most visited cities in Morocco, it receives thousands tourist from over the world who come to feel its charm. In this article, we will give you the important places to visit in Fes.


The city of Fes is the cultural capital of Morocco, because of its architectural, intellectual and historical heritage; it attracts tourists from all over the world. Visit Fes is a real trip for the history of the city and the Kingdom of Morocco.


For the lovers of cultural and historical discovery, who hope to visit this city, following you will find a list of places to visit imperatively in Fes:

The Medina of Fes in one of the best places to visit in Fes/

The medina of Fez is the oldest part of the city, founded in the ninth century, it was and still to now the cultural spiritual center of the country. It listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Discovering the medina of Fez is an adventure in itself, a return in the past and a real change of scenery. you must take time to understand its codes by walking in the narrow streets, letting yourself be carried by the shouts of merchants in the souks, by the smells and the thousand colors of its merchandise … and above all by the generosity of its inhabitants.

The door of Bab Boujloud

The medina of Fez has several doors, and Bab Boujloud remains the most famous one. This door is part of the places that you need to visit it in Fez.

Passing by, we admire its blue mosaics, the finesse of its motifs, especially the atmosphere that surrounds it. Near of Bab Boujloud you can find small hotels where to stay and to eat at cheap prices. Also, you can enjoy a Tea on the terrace of a café with a panoramic view.

The souks:

The Souk is a place that makes the medina of Fes charm, because it is a place packed with artisans (pottery, ceramics, jewelry …), and merchants of fruits and vegetables, which makes the city more and more endearing.

It is a place that you must visit in Fez. While taking a walk inside the medina; you can take a tour to the Henna Souk, Attarine, R’cif, Nejjarine, Serrajine

,… In every neighborhood of the city, you will find a small souks strolling in the alleys of Fez.

The Madrasas:

A Madrasa is an ancient Qur’anic school, They are numerous in Fez, such as the Madrasa Attarine, Bou Inania, Seffarine, Sahrij,…

Recently, they have made a renovation to the Madrasas, welcome students, Ulema, and tourists who can visit them at specific times of the day.

These are sacred places, spiritual and educational.

The Karaouiyine Mosque:

You can’t visit Fez without visiting the Karaouiyine mosque.It is the oldest university in the Arab world, founded in 859.

For a non-Muslim, the entry is strictly forbidden. A tourist can contemplate the charm of this monument by throwing a cop from the 24 gates of the mosque, which surround it.

The university was frequented by famous scholars and philosophers, such as Ibn Khaldun, Averroes, and Ibn Al Khatib. It is the spiritual and intellectual center of islam.

The Tanneries:

The Tannery is a sublime place to visit in Fez, especially when it has just been restored.It is among the emblematic places, located in the center of the medina of Fes.

It is a historic quarter dating back to the middle Ages.

You can contemplate the tannery from the balconies and the terraces that surround it. From there, you will have the chance to see the tanning ponds, and the skins stretched out in all colors.

It is a unique and magical place that you must visit.

Around this square, you will shops sell leather goods (slippers, bags, works by artists, etc.), which are bought as souvenirs.

Seffarine Square:

In this square, there are many artisans who work copper, to make trays, teapots, perfume burners,… and boilermakers who make kettles, copper buckets, …

It is one of the most authentic places in the city of Fez. At Seffarine Square, you can visit the Al Karaouiyine Library, and the Medersa, which bears the same name as the square. A few meters away are the Al Karaouiyine Mosque, and the Moulay Idriss Mausoleum.

A few steps away you will find Al Karaouiyine Mosque, and Moulay Idriss Mausoleum. By visiting this square, let yourself be carried away by the hubbub of the artisans,the atmosphere, the colors of the goods offered for sale, and the lifestyle of the workers.

The Royal Palace: The royal palace of Fez is the oldest and the most important one in Morocco. It is located outside the ancient Medina, near of the Jewish Quarter and the Mellah.

It is a beautiful place to discover the great bronze doors,framed by ceramic tiles.

The palace of Fez is considered as the emblem of the refinement and the expertise of the artisans Fassis.

It covers a large area and contains a mosque, a Medersa, a place of arms, and the immense garden of Lalla Minna.Currently, it is closed to the public, and tourists can only be satisfied with its façade.

Getting to Fez is easy and cheap. Many airlines will offer you low cost flights.

For the lovers of miles and nights, we invite you to stay in the luxurious Riad Alya. The prices are competitive and you will be at the center of the oriental atmospheres that the Medina of Fez offer.