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Massage Riad

Oriental massage at Riad Alya.
The relaxing or tonic massage is a source of serenity and inner peace. Argan oil aims to open the joints, to stimulate strategic points of the meridians and to evacuate all forms of tension accumulated by the body: 25 € the 3/4 of an hour.

An Oriental massage session:

The Oriental massage, which takes on average 3/4 of an hour, is usually preceded by the Hammam of about 45 minutes. This steam bath aims to relax the skin and the muscles. After the bath, the massage room is filled with perfumes of incense and the body of the massé coated with oil also scented (eucalyptus, olive or argan). So prepared, you will receive a series of circular movements such as kneading, kneading and effleurage. To give a final touch to the session, the masseuse tackles a few smoothing movements, and finishes by offering you a cup of mint tea with draining virtues or a glass of fresh fruit juice.

The Oriental massage is a complete massage of deep wellness bringing:

Softening and relaxing muscles.
Stimulation of blood circulation.
A deep drainage reinforced by mint tea.
A soft and satiny skin by the effect of the argan oil used.
Relaxes muscles and releases nervous tension.
Evacuates toxins and impurities.
Regenerates the body.