Rituals around the Hammam in Fez

Starting from the definition of the word hammam, which emphasizes an ancient tradition here in Morocco, and which means steam bath hot and humid. The Hammam Riad Alya in Fès perfectly meets these criteria thanks to its perfect bubble of relaxation and well-being that it owns.

This place allows to cut time and to pause with traditional and natural recipes that our Riad proposes to the customers.

The Hammam Riad Alya allows to relax all the muscles of your body, to clean your skin and to eliminate the toxins of our body thanks to a tonifying and relaxing massage, quite special.

Our Hammam in Fez offers several advantages. Indeed, it gives your skin a second breath and thus provides a delicious feeling of well-being.

Our Hammam offers typical treatments that make it possible to find a soft and satin skin: body scrub with black soap and mask with Rhassoul. These soaps each have their peculiarities and draw their benefits from the natural components from which they are made. They are used with a glove of horsehair called glove of Loofa which makes it possible to eliminate the dead skin and to restart the blood circulation. However, we advise you to pay attention to prejudices like the Hammam. Hammam sessions do not help or result in absolutely no weight loss as most people tell. True, you lose weight temporarily because of the loss of water due to perspiration, but this weight is totally caught up in the hours that follow due to the restructuring of the cells of your skin.

Finally, it is good to remember that the Riad Alya hammam will help your skin to be exfoliated and hydrated in depth:


25 € for 3/4 of an hour.

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